About The Togg Car

About The Togg Car

More Than a Car

People Oriented

More than meets the eye, it is the starting point of unlimited dreams.Peopleoriented, very smart.

Connected with life, shared with everyone.


Constant innovation, electric power. He is both empathetic and intelligent.

Togg will be the only smart device you need with its 3rd living space created while completely changing your mobility experience.

From a Car More than

Forget everything you know about the car, because Togg USE CASE Mobility® redefines the mobility experience.

User Oriented Smart Empathetic Connected Autonomous Shared Electric

1- Smart Life Solutions

Smart Living SolutionsListens to you, understands you, integrates with you, offers suitable solutions for you, learns for you… In short, it is a technology that transforms according to you and transforms you as well.

2- Data-Driven Business Models

Unlimited personalization possibilities await you, in perfect harmony with every part of your life connected to the Internet.

3- New Mobility Services

A new generation mobility world where you can share your car, battery or even your parking lot.

4- Smart Energy Solutions

A flawless system that reserves the best charging stations for you, can share energy among themselves, creates the most economical options and plans your entire journey accordingly.

5- Partners

Exclusive privileges for you to better connect with the world.

We are the Mobility Platform of the Future

We set out on June 25, 2018 with the aim of creating a technology brand belonging to Turkey that will compete on a global scale.

We design new generation smart devices with our motion technologies that will move the world forward. Around these devices, we are developing a mobility ecosystem in line with the concept of “Use Case Mobility”, where all areas of life are interconnected.

Thus, we aim to change our future by designing a brand new living space that is human-oriented and makes life easier.